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There are multiple committees within Battle-by-Post that hold various degrees of responsibility on one part of the game or another. Learning to know them is a big help should you ever either report an issue or create something.

  • First and foremost, the moderation team oversees all of Battle-by-Post. The mods have a lot of power and will work on changes that are too large in scale for anyone else to handle. You should also contact them if you encountered a problem with another user (unless they’re also a mod, in which case Senior Staff is where you should file your complaint).
    Current mod team: JJayyFeather, Toon, TMan87, nightblitz42

  • Right below them is the Council. Council members are elected every 4 months, which means anyone from the community can potentially apply for a seat, even though a certain amount of knowledge and battling experience are appreciated. The Council handles most balance issues, whether they are reported or simply arise. Council members will then open Discussion threads for people to post their thoughts, then will vote among themselves.
    Current Council: None​

  • The Roleplay Committee is tasked with the maintenance of any roleplaying facility, such as Battle Hall or The Legend Runs. As such, its members are the people you want to talk to if you have an idea for a potential new facility; they’ll give you guidelines and supervise your work, and give the go-ahead if you meet the standards.
    Current RP Committee: None​

  • The Gym Committee manages both Gym Circuits. They are the one that validate new Gym Leaders and arenas and they’re also the ones that will designate a substitute opponent if the Leader you’re facing gets over the DQ time limit.
    Current Gym Committee: None​

  • The Tournament Committee is the one you want to reach out for if you want to host a tournament. They’ll evaluate your idea, tell you whether you can begin organizing it and will oversee any active tournament, in addition to judging any litigious situation relevant to tournament battles.
    Current Tour Committee: None​
These teams are subject to change according to departures from old members and recruitment of new members, so it may vary in time.
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